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Statement & Invoices
WWMS specializes in statement and invoice production. Our forte is reducing production and postage costs using workflow and document design, duplex laser printing services, postage optimization, insert management and electronic delivery, while providing the utmost in quality and service.
Our state-of-the-art processing center contains the latest in high-speed laser printers, intelligent mailing equipment, postage management tools, electronic forms and font software, and communications platforms. The result - our customers share the best equipment, software and expertise available, at a fraction of the required in-house investment.

Document Integrity
Document integrity means that every statement / invoice is mailed with the correct envelope contents and accurate data. WWMS uses error checking in all programs to validate customer data and balancing totals. All documents are tracked through every phase of the production process, using a unique sequence number to identify each statement / invoice and each page of that document. Torn or damaged documents are re-generated, printed and mailed.

Postal Optimization
Postage is typically 50% to 75% of total mailing costs. Therefore, all production processes, document design and forms design created by WWMS first consider minimizing postage expense. Duplex (front / back) printing with overflow pages significantly reduces pages printed and envelope weights on multiple page statements or invoices. Properly prepared mail not only lowers postage expense, the mail gets delivered as quickly as possible by-passing steps in the US postal system.

Intelligent Insertion
Savvy business-to-consumer companies use the statement or invoice to cross sell other products or make company announcements. Selective insertion increases sales by targeting the right product to the right customer and eliminates the waste of printed materials that do not apply to a particular customer. Intelligent insertion has been successfully used to separate geographical area, customer type, product type and multi-lingual inserts. Statement and invoice marketing allows a "free" ride in the envelope with the highest read rates of any form of direct marketing.

Electronic Re-Prints
Customer Service personnel need the ability to re-generate a statement / invoice upon request, frequently with their customer on the phone. WWMS provides electronic images (indexed PDF files) of exactly what was printed and mailed, including color. These PDF files can be downloaded and stored on your internal servers within hours of receiving your input file and long before your clients get their mailed copy. Any employee with network access and security, can query by invoice number, account number or name for quick retrieval of any document. Once retrieved the statement or bill can be e-mailed, faxed or printed to any local printer. Windows query software allows instant access to any statement or invoice for printing to a network printer, fax server or sending as an e-mail attachment.

Statement / Invoice delivery on the Web is the future. Today, however, the majority of invoices and statements are still printed and mailed. WWMS offers the best of both worlds creating an exact electronic image of what is printed and mailed, making it available within hours of receiving your data.

Marketing Insert Management
Marketing inserts requires coordination between the customer, printer and WWMS to make sure inserts are made to machine-required specifications, the right quantities are ordered and received, the data files and the intelligent inserters are properly programmed and unused inserts are handled according to your instructions. Your WWMS account manager takes full responsibility for the success of your mailings.


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