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Companies have a unique opportunity to grow their businesses with their own private label prepaid calling card or a co branded calling card. From promotional, giveaway cards which can be used to support consumer loyalty and retention to a defined retail product which will increase existing revenue streams or provide an opportunity for a firm to create new income prepaid calling cards are a value added element to any firms product portfolio.

Unlike other prepaid cards on the market, Worldwide Marketing Solutions offers great rates with the highest quality voice service and clearly defined disclaimers and fee structures.

A variety of Worldwide Marketing Solutions cards can be private labeled or cobranded to allow your customers to call anywhere, anytime on the card plan that best suits their needs

The rates and available minutes for WWMS prepaid products do vary by country, calling destination and market segment.

Cards and products may not be available or sold in certain U.S. states, geographic regions and/or locales.


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